Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So I had a very intense brick this last weekend. "What is a brick?" you may ask. A brick is working out in two different sports, back to back. So for this certain brick, I biked and then ran.

We happen to be out camping at a place with a lot of trails. So I went to hit them. After examining the dirt bike trails, I realized those were not for me, since my race is all road. But I did attempt some dirt roads. I headed down one, and that's were I got in trouble. The road ended, became a trail, all loose sand, not packed dirt. My map said that there was supposed to be another dirt road that I would run into to take me back to the main road. It failed to mention that trail connected the two roads!

So after walking my bike through sand I couldn't pedal in, contemplating how anyone would find me 2 miles deep on both sides in the deep woods with no cell phone coverage, I finally reached the other dirt road and then made it back to the main highway.

All in all, it was supposed to be a 50 minute bike ride. It ended up and hour and 5 minutes! Buy, hey! I was able to still run for 20 minutes afterward and could have kept going! I guess that shows I'm improving and headed somewhere!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

8 weeks and counting.....

What a crazy summer it's been! Don't lose heart, though my blogs have defineatly lagged, my training has not. Summer threw me for a loop. Thinking that I would have more time to train with the looser schedule, having 4 kids home all the time threw my training routine out of wack more then I expected! With 8 weeks to go to reach my goal of finishing my first sprint triathlon, I am re-motivated with meaning!

Over this past 10 months I have noticed huge change, not only in my body, but my attitude for living. Like I've said in past posts, exercise truly does affect mind, body and spirit. I notice that through my exercise, I become reconnected with my Lord, thus pray more regularly. My stress is reduced and I am better able to serve my family. My body is actually relaxed, which makes me feel better about myself, that I'm taking care of myself and therefore can take care of others better.

The past two weeks I have started preparing mentally and physically for my challenges ahead. Along with a very sick dog, I've started to train following a schedule leading up to my super spring in Chicago at the end of August. This has given me a more structured routine which has been good in dealing with out of control circumstances of a sick dog and many vet trips! I'm back to being able to run 4 miles, even though they're 12 min. miles! But, hey, I'm running! My swim is still on track and during my bike in the Grand Haven Tri in July, I biked 12.5 miles in 45 minutes! I was happy!

So things are moving along and I'm glad to be back to track my progress and share it with you. Here's to tri-ing!:)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


It's been almost a week, and I'm still trying to bask in the glory of my first race! I ran the 5/3 River Bank Run 10K, last Saturday. Wet, windy and cold, but AWESOME! My friend, Kim and I, had a great time. I finished running hard. I was shooting to be under and hour and 10 minutes and I did it in 1:08:26!! That's 11 minute miles! I had been training at around 12.5 min. miles. I'm very happy!

So now I'm addicted. It was hard work but a lot of fun! I've been looking at lots of different races and tri's. Hmmm... what to do next. I'm looking at a relay in July to try with some of my friends. I'm still competing in the Super Sprint in Chicago in Aug. and a Sprint distance tri. in Sept. I'm wondering how much to add, what is too much, what's OK. I can see how this can get expensive as well! My husband says we'll have to create another account just for race entry fees!

All in all, it was a great experience, I'm so glad I did it, and I'm letting it spur me on to do more!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shoes & training

Yes, I got a new pair of Mizuno's. Got to run with them last night for the 1st time. I went just over a 5K. Report? This morning, not much sorer (is that a word?) then usual, a little tight in my left hamstring and the sides of my lower back. But no PAIN in knees, back or shins. YEAH! The shoes seemed to help me strike better and have more flexibility. I think the Brooke's were just to stiff. Like Sheri mentioned, I sure know a lot more then I ever thought about my feet! Thanks Gazelle and the wonderful two women who helped me!

Training? We'll I've taken to just running in the last 2 weeks since I have a 10K coming up on May 8th. I do miss tri training, though. I really like having the option of 3 sports to choose from. I think that my husband is right, I'm going to be addicted. I started this journey thinking that I would do just one tri, but here I am, already looking at what more I can add and thinking how to train better next year.

I'm shocked at those I hear from, either, "how are your shoes working?", or "you're super-mom to be doing this", or "you are inspiring", cause these aren't things I think about myself. I went in this to achieve something that I thought I wouldn't ever normally do and to see myself follow through with it all the way. Look where it has taken me! My attitude toward life is so different now, and I'm so grateful for the blessings God has put in my life through my physical gifts as well as friendships and relationships as well as His beautiful Earth that He lets us enjoy!

Friday, April 23, 2010

It's been too long!

Spring fever is here and with that, and 4 kids, I've been away from the computer a lot! After being away for Spring Break, we've been outside a lot! The days being longer has been nice and we are having great spring weather here!

I'm in full training mode now, with my 10K looming in the near future, just 2 weeks from tomorrow! I'm up to 4 miles plus, easily, but if you saw in some of my comments, I'm still having shoe problems. I bought a pair, am returning them, and hoping to find the right pair to use before the race! This shoe thing, like stated before, is trickier then I thought. I've never analyzed my feet so much! I know that I definitely pronate (role from out to in), so I need some stability. But I seem to be more sore then ever before, which makes me think that I'm pounding harder then I thought and need more cushioning. It is hard to know how I should be feeling since this is the first pair I've bought since I've started running. It's like, how are they supposed to feel and how am I supposed to feel?!

Anyway, my hubby is running too, and I'm excited to run this race with him. It is definitely a challenge for both of us, since it has snuck up on us sooner then we thought. But I am still loving the exercise and feeling invigorated and stressed relived as I run. I am so grateful to be able to work out!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shoe Confussion

So, I found a great deal on running shoes. I went to try them on, hoping they would feel good, buy them, and shop around some more. Instead, I ended up trying on 4 or 5 pairs and leaving totally confused!

If you know anything about running or do any running, you are supposed to know if you are a pronator, or a supinator, or neutral. I believe that I supinate, but what shoe does that mean I need, and how is it supposed to feel? I tried on many, like you are supposed to do, and they all feel fine and different in different ways. So now I don't know what to do, cause I'm not sure what to look for. What's best for my foot? Hmmmm.....

I never thought that running shoe technology would get the best of me, yet it has.....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wipe Out!

Yes, it happened. My first official wipe out. It was actually a week ago, it was beautiful here, some of the first days of spring. I was out for a run, planning to go a bit farther. Right about the time I usually start heading back, I moved out of the street to avoid a car. At that point I noticed that in a few paces, the sidewalk would be covered with snow and ice. As I was scanning for how to move back to the road, suddenly my body was headed in full slow motion toward the ground. I felt as though I should be able to catch my balance, but alas, I could not. As I skidded on my hands, I hit my faces and then the pain surged through me as my knees broke my fall. Stunned, I rolled to my back, trying to breath, mentally accessing that I was OK. I slowly sat up to access the damage. Skinned hands, bloody face, ripped pants, throbbing knees. But no broken bones or teeth. As I gingerly got up, that is when I saw it. The sidewalk corner was raised a good 3 inches or more. I must have hit it square on, which sent my body propelling toward the cement. After stopping to use a walkers cell phone, (thanks to who ever you are!), I called to let the family know that I would be back a bit later and I was OK. (Yes, take a cell with you, I know!) I walked the last 1/2 mile home, thinking that was safer since I couldn't access my throbbing knees that were covered by my pants.

Arriving home, I accessed the damage. I had quite a nice scrapped up chin that has about fully healed over the past week. It wasn't quite as bad as my bloody appearance led my children to believe as I walked in the door. My hands where just scrapped, and I had only minor cuts to my knees, though the bruises they left and the throbbing I still feel will take a while to heal.

One of my many first adventures in this training period. Thankfully I got out of it relatively unscathed, except for quite the wounded ego.:)